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New Multifaceted Location in Gerrards Cross

We have recently added a brand new multifaceted location in Gerrards Cross. It is moments away from Pinewood. On site there are offices, period rooms, classrooms, corridors and a set build space. Location reference LOC656. Make sure to take a look at this great location.

Oak Production Offices

Oak Production Offices is the newly refurbished studio space in Park Royal. This location is the perfect production base in West London. If you are in need of a production base and have to be in West London, this could be the option for you. Make sure to check out LOC466 on our website.

Flanchford Farm

James has again found a fantastic farm location perfect for any production. A beautiful farm with 1500 acres of land, a selection of barns, outbuildings, cottages and farmhouses from a variety of different periods. Also available are private roads, rivers, lakes and even WWII fortifications. Very close to London with easy access from M25. It is a great alternative to a London favourite Stockers Farm. Please contact either James or Alex if you would like to see this amazing site.

Empty Leisure Centre

Ad Locations are proud to bring you this amazing site LOC416. It is an empty leisure centre in East London. It is a great location added with us by one of the top location managers working in the UK. This has to be seen. Would be perfect for any type of production. It is very easy to service and offers a number of possible locations. Again this is a must see. Please give either Alex or James a call to arrange a site visit. Furthermore if you are a scout working in the UK and you introduce us to any locations, we will split any commission in half. That is 10% of the agreed location fee and we don't require you to go through us if you want to use it for yourself.

Empty Training Centre

It has been an extraordinary 2013 thus far for Ad Locations. Our Empty Training Centre in Watford has had a busy January and February with a new feature film . It is being used as a production base, small set build and a multitude of various locations. What you can do with this site is incredible. It is so easy to service this location. We now have a resident electrician & plumber who can now turn power and water back on to most of the buildings on site. We have been busy showing location managers & scouts this site. It just has to be seen. Again another great find. Give us a call on either 07760 660 008 (James) or 07760 660 009 (Alex) if you would like to see this amazing site. Remember all images can be seen on the front page under Newest Locations.

RAF Uxbridge

So its been a busy month at RAF Uxbridge with lots of film shoots, photo shoots and so much film unit parking we can barely contain our excitement. The great thing about RAF Uxbridge is that it is a collection of great locations (not to be mistaken with a location collective!) that are perfect for tv film locations, uk film locations, photoshoot locations. On site we have some lavish locations, some amazing space. You can use these for set build spaces, events spaces, production offices or just some spaces for prop storage or construction workshops or a unitbase all within the M25. Easily accessible from Central London and offered at really competitive prices .

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year break. We are now back in action and have just added even more locations. This year we are also offering out to any location manager and scout, if you add a location with us, we will pay you 5% of the agreed location fee. We are always looking for all sorts of locations so give us a call today and hopefully we will be able to relive those post Christmas blues.

Ad-Locations Official Launch!!!

So after months of getting the website together, Ad-Locatons finally brings you some of the most exciting UK based locations servicing the film, TV, photographic and events industries. We have just sent out our first promotional email and this shows just a few of the great locations we have to offer. We are all very excited here.

I can imagine all of you location managers are feeling mixed about the current snowy weather, so hopefully this will take your mind off the cold.

Ad-Locations has Arrived!!!

It has been years in the making, but Ad-Locations has finally arrived and we are bringing some fantastic locations for your next production. 

We have a collection of new residential, commercial, industrial & agricultural properties to take a look at. Our database has now over 2000 various locations.

If you need some inspiration for your next search, look no further. Give us a call on 07760 660 008 / 07760 660 009

We are the fastest & simplest source of locations for the film, TV and Event industries.

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