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The location is a derelict former industrial laundrette made up of 3 units: 29, 31 & 33 offering a variety of backdrops and raw aesthetics whilst being production-ready.

29 is the former main warehouse and engine room of the laundrettes. With drive-in access, old machinery, pitched roof ceiling, raw brick walls, exposed beams and decommissioned pipework. Option to be blacked out. 31 is a mix of industrial, office and storage spaces.

The ground floor is made up of several rooms with old industrial machinery, blank canvas space, rooms with graffitied walls, low beamed ceilings, exposed pipework and raw floors. This space can be blacked out or have natural light through shuttered windows.

The first floor is again made up of two large spaces with high ceilings, exposed beams, graffitied walls, raw floors, loading bay doors to the yard that joins both spaces. It also has several smaller storage spaces and offices.

33 is the back of house for the event space & film location. Perfect for catering, cloakroom/green room, event production office. For filming, it is the perfect spot for hair & make-up, client holding area, production office and breakout space.

Power: All units have a 3 Phase 32A Outlet with a breakdown to distribution boxes of 6 x 16A and further breakdown to 13A gang plugs.

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