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Rates, Commission & Insurance:

Administration fee is charged only if you proceed with the hire of a location found in our library. Our administration fees are as follows:

Filming & events: £500
Stills advertising: £300
Stills editorial: £200


The Location Fee

This varies according to the type of location, hours of usage etc. All negotiations take place with Ad Locations Ltd. Please call us at the budgeting stage and we will be able to give you advice on expected costs and suggest ways of maximising productions location budget. Please note that all location fees are required to be paid in advance of the shoot, unless it has been agreed in writing with the owner to postpone payment until a later date.



Public Liability Insurance cover is a mandatory requirement for any location.



If there are any extra charges for staffing, early access etc we will let you know in advance of any booking.



We charge the owner of the property 20% commission of the agreed location fee if we successfully find you a booking. Exclusivity would be initially on a 6 month term with a view to extend if you are happy with our service.


Hire Agreements

Ad Locations supplies its own detailed hire agreement however our aim is to be as flexible as possible so if a property owner or production company have a preference to use their own agreements then we will endeavour ensure this happens instead.


Scouting and Chaperone fee

We charge £450 + VAT per scouting day or when we are required to chaperone a shoot.